Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Nautilus Annual Christmas Dash

The Nautilus Annual Christmas Dash is Friday December 6 starting 5:30pm. All are welcome.
Image result for running snowman
Run one way from the Aquarena to the Legion in Pleasantville
(4.8 km, route here), enjoy a snack, a few laughs, and be sure to tuck a few bucks in your sock for a beverage and a taxi home.

Note this is NOT an official, organized, supported or sanctioned event so if you do partake please stay on the sidewalks, wear lights or a reflective vest and be careful out there! All are welcome but everyone runs at their own risk and there will be no marshals or traffic control.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Volunteer for the Capital Subaru Huffin' Puffin

The Capital Subaru Huffin' Puffin Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Team Relay relies heavily on volunteers to ensure a fun and safe event for everyone. Next race date is September 22 2019. If you have a few hours to donate, please click here. We'll be in touch with specific details. All volunteers are welcome to join the post-race BBQ in Bowring Park!

Gerry Donovan Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Jonathan Slaney who is the recipient of the Gerry Donovan Memorial Scholarship for 2019. Jonathan is the fourth winner of the scholarship which is awarded annually by the Nautilus Running Club in Gerry’s memory. Jonathan is a runner, triathlete, volunteer and graduate student. He gives back to the community in many ways and embodies the qualities that Gerry demonstrated during his lifetime.
Also a very special congratulations to Jonathan and Blaine who became newlyweds this past weekend!