Monday, August 11, 2014

Bell Island Bike Tour Saturday August 23

John Collins is organizing our 2nd annual Bell Island Bike Tour for Saturday August 23. See his note below and drop him an email to let him know if you're taking part:
Tour will start at approx. 1100 on Bell Island near Dick's Restaurant. Presently, ferry leaves at 0930 and 1040 from Portugal Cove. Check with web site near the date for times Bike tour is approx. 2 hrs. While on the tour take advantage of tours ( eg mines, Seamen's Memorial, Murals etc. ) Thus the tour will take approx. 2hrs for bike + 2hrs for tours = 4hrs. At approx. 1500 we will all meet at Dick's for Fish and Chips etc. and refreshments. Transportation, Tours and restaurant are your responsibility (all inexpensive). Visit the web site (above) to plan your safe and fun day, to be with your family and Nautilus friends and take in the sites and sounds of Bell Island. Great time had by all on last year tour. If going let me know (numbers important for restaurant). Thanks.
John Collins